stills from the start of a new art-life-art collaboration … it began this morning between the time i woke up at my couchsurf pad in st paul at 9:30am (thanks marnie) and arrival at the minneapolis airport at 11:40am. i met phil hansen (@philinthecircle) at TED this year, he’d given an incredibly inspiring talk called “embrace the shake”, about how he used a technical “disadvantage” (his hands had a chronic tremor) to his artistic advantage (watch his talk and be in awe).

we became email friends and when I discovered i was going to be in Minneapolis for a house party and connected the dots that he was there, I reached out a week ago to see if he wanted to do a project.

his concept was to have me paint a bunch of common amanda-palmer-troll-insults (try-hard! fat cunt! can’t sing! slut! poser! talentless hipster! attention whore!) on my body, in various shades of gray, and wipe them away on small pieces of canvas, then he’ll make a larger phil-style fuck-yeah artwork out of the squares. we did the whole thing in under an hour and i borrowed phil’s girlfriend’s bra because i showed up accidentally tit-commando (thanks joy).

i suggested to phil that i could continue the project at the calgary house party in canada tonight… so I took a bunch of blank canvas squares on the plane with me and we’re going to do it, mofos. bring your worst fears, we’re going to paint ourselves and mail the canvas squares to phil via canadian postal service.

and I think phil might have bigger things in mind…if he gets enough canvas, we can turn a lot of hate into something huge & beautiful.

stay tuned.

(by the way, if you’re wondering what kind of paint we used on my body…it’s plain house paint. phil says he uses house paint for tons of his projects because its just so damn cheap. and as we discovered, it comes off relatively easy with baby wipes.)

Can’t wait to see the final results

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