The new book by @neilhimself is Encouraging Reviewers to Tap Their Creative Juices

Neil Gaiman‘s latest book The Ocean at the End of the Lane, is now available and it is bringing out some unexpectedly poignant creativity in reviewers. 

I fell in love with this sentence from Dwight Silverman‘s review in The Houston Chronicle:

“Gaiman’s writing is like dangerous candy – you’re certain there’s ground glass somewhere, but it just tastes so good!”

And that quote comes from a review that only marginally recommends the book. 

A more glowing review appeared in The Star in which writer William Alexander says:

“Gaiman…summons up childhood magic and adventure while acknowledging their irrevocable loss, and he stitches the elegiac contradictions together so tightly that you won’t see the seams.”

and finally- Greg Carpenter of Pop Matters writes:

“The book is focused, lyrical, and profoundly perceptive in its exploration of childhood and memory, and it’s also quite frightening—like one of Truman Capote’s holiday stories by way of Stephen King.”

I hope to garner my own copy and then opinion of the book soon, but in the meantime I’m endlessly entertained by the writing about the writing of one of my favorite authors. 

If you’ve found a quote about the book that made you laugh or moved you, please share! 

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