Meet Bruce Small – Creator of the Graphic Novel Series BioRhythm and Co-owner of Brass Comics at TeenBookCon

TeenBookCon, the FREE Yalit event will be held this year at Alief Taylor High School on Saturday April 20th and will have more than 30 authors and illustrators present including the author of the book series BioRhythm, Bruce Small. Bruce is a graduated of the Art Institute of Houston and co-owner of Brass Comics. For more info, to read pages from the book and to learn more about Brass Comics, visit the website:

This is the book description from the website:

BioRhythm is a gritty pseudo sci-fi/action story with a good dose of strife to boot. What is clear is that the world is geared to keep those at the top at the top and those at the bottom, busy. What is NOT clear, however, is who knows whats best for all, as the factions about society begin to come to a head over our main characters, and their little scientific discovery. Visually told through a slick and sharp line style nestled halfway between recent superhero cartoons and late 80′s, early 90′s anime.

Story co-written by Bruce Small and Zach Q with art from Zach Q.

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