Use this website to get FREE autographs from your favorite authors!


Have you heard of It offers a free service for authors and their readers to connect.


Upon visiting the website you search for the author or title that you’re interested in, or simply browse on the side. Once you click the request authograph button a box pops up which gives you the option to leave a note for the author. After that you simply type in your email address and it is sent to the author.

I recieved my request from Jessica Khoury within a day! The site was created so that ebook readers would have a way to collect autographs of their favorite authors just like physical book readers. Your collection is stored digitally on the site so you can visit it and show it off to friends as you please.

The list of authors and titles is impressive and is always growing. The site is open to all genres and although it has a large representation of YA authors, there are also poets, non-fiction authors and more.

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