IF if if you’re at #SXSW or in Austin, Texas, i am HERE.

this is a list of shit i’m doing….some requires a SXSW badge (which are indeed expensive) and some doesn’t.

don’t buy a SXSW badge just to see me: just come to one of the other gigs. 

i’m going to do a q&a at the ninja gig so if you have industry-type questions, ask me there!


TUESDAY NIGHT  March 12 – 9 pm-10:30 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! tickets @ doors only.

People of Letters:

with other amazing guests Neil Gaiman, John Sayles, Jenny Owen Youngs, Emma Swift and Buck 65

a salon-style night of wine and letters. all of the guests will be reading aloud a letter they’ve written

on a theme for the night. just did this in LA and it was UNFORGETTABLE. limited space so show up EARLY.

WEDNESDAY March 13 – @ 12:30 (SXSW badges only)

PANEL – The Anatomy of Amanda Fucking Palmer: An Inside Look

THURSDAY March 14th, 6 pm!


bring ukuleles, food, children, insanity, old ideas, new ideas, LOVE. 

still open to ideas for WHERE, hit me in tumblr/blog comments or on twitter. must be outdoors and legal, pref right near 6th st/main drag. i’ll post here again on tumblr when i decide 100% where we’re headed. will announce location by thursday at noon. (i ask: respect the space, and if the get shut down by the cops, don’t cause a scene, we’ll parade elsewhere)

FRIDAY March 15 – @ 11am (SXSW badges only)

Panel: Selling Albums in a Spotify World: Non-Traditional Strategies

FRIDAY – March 15 @ 5:30 – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! (BUT SXSW badge-holders will be prioritized if crowded)

Paste Party – Billy Bragg is also performing (and we miiiight just be playing together….)

@ Stage on Sixth

Wish I was there!

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