Houston Obama Mural Controversy Makes National News


The Breakfast Klub restaurant owner, Marcus Davis hasn’t had luck keeping an Obama mural on the restaurant’s outside wall. In 2008 he hired Houston artist, Reginald Adams, to paint a reproduction of the Shephard Fairey* HOPE design. It was vandalized and restored on two separate occasions in 2010.

Before the 2012 election Davis once again commissioned Adams to paint a new mural, this time using an image of the President and the year: 2012. The piece was painted in October 2012 and was vandalized in January of 2013.


Undeterred by the repeated crime, Davis once again hired Adams to paint a new mural. This time the mural takes up a larger footprint of the building and features the President holding a baby. A man was found on the site with the newly installed surveillance cameras in possession of a can of paint but because he wasn’t caught committing any crime he was not taken into custody.

*Interesting side story about the HOPE piece: Fairey was successfully sued for $25,000 for copyright infringement for using the photo without the permission of the Associated Press. (click on the link below for a brief but interesting summary of the events).


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