A Poem Traveled Down My Arm by Alice Walker

This brief, portable collection of micro poems and simple sketches was intriguing to me from the dedication line: To water.

Alice Walker explains that after being assigned the task of autographing 1,000’s of books she decided to shake things up a bit by mixing in illustrations and brief thoughts along with her traditional signature. She became so enamored with some of the tip-ins that she decided to gather them into this collection.

As with any book of poetry different pieces will resonate with different people, but I’d guess that everyone would be moved by at least one piece. Walker plays with the spacing of the words and how they are laid out on the page. For example, one piece reads:

Every time



you live


The illustrations in the collection are basic line drawings. Some go along with the poem that they are partnered with and others are free standing works. Although this is an incredibly quick read, I’ve found myself already revisiting many of the passages and plan to keep this volume close at hand. 




to poison.

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