PaperBackSwap is one of the BEST sites that I’ve ever come across!

To sign up for the PaperBackSwap, you simply visit the site and enter in the books that you are willing to exchange. You list them by title or ISBN and the site tracks down all of the information. You accept the conditions and your book is displayed for all other members of the site. When someone requests your book, you accept the request, print out a label and send it off. When the member receives the book they give you a credit which you can use towards requesting any book in the system. Books can be easily searched by genre, title, author, etc. 

I’ve been using the site for a couple of years and have been astounded at some of the difficult to find and expensive titles that I’ve received! There are also sites (which are all linked, credits can be transferred from one to the other), for exchanging CD’s and DVD’s.

Because the materials can be sent as media mail it usually costs around $2-3 to send an item. There is a detailed system that protects users both as sender and receiver and I’ve not had any problems.

*Please note to read the rules carefully. Many users require that materials come from a non-smoking home and ARC’s and discarded library books are not accepted.

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