Seven Years with Banksy by Robert Clarke

Seven Years with Banksy by Robert Clarke is at its best, an insightful peek at what it would be like to hang out with the artist. However, it parlays heavily on the author’s opinions as opposed to facts and it seems as if the author and the artist were never terribly close. Perhaps it’s that Banksy doesn’t get very close to very many people.

I would’ve put down most books written in this slap-dash manner mid read, but because this is about a subject that I’m vastly interested in I kept on and admit that I enjoyed the read.

Clarke philosophizes a bit on why Banksy creates his art and why it matters.

“It was just the kind of thing that I liked to see on our walls as opposed to the mindless, often sinister, corporate advertising on billboards.”

He has some insight into Banky’s early work including a full room painting that Banksy created in the Carlton Arms hotel in NYC in the 1990’s.

Seven Years with Banksy Book - Robert Clarke

“His genuine openness as opposed to fear or more negative attitudes is probably what saved him from having his arse kicked around the block.”

The book includes numerous full-color photos and tells of how the artist, named Robin in the book became known as Banksy.

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